Free Speech and Democracy in Ancient Athens

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Free speech in the ancient democracy was not a protected right but an expression of the freedom from hierarchy, awe, reverence and shame. It was thus an essential ingredient of the egalitarianism of that regime. That freedom was challenged by the consequences of the rejection of shame aidos which had served as a cohesive force within the polity. Through readings of Socrates's trial, Greek tragedy and comedy, Thucydides's History, and Plato's Protagoras this volume explores the paradoxical connections between free speech, democracy, shame, and Socratic philosophy and Thucydidean history as practices of uncovering.

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Athenian Democracy

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The Tribe Caitriona Perry. Democracy and Its Crisis A. Democracy in America Alexis de Tocqueville. Table of contents Prologue: four stories; Part I. Introduction: 1.

Episode 1 - Who wishes to speak - Free Speech History

The legacy of free speech; 2. Democratic amnesia; Part II. Aidos: 3.

Michael B. Poliakoff - Freedom of Speech in Ancient Athens

The practice of free speech; 5. The trial of Socrates; Part IV. The Limits of Free Speech: 6. Truth and tragedy; 7. Thucydides's Assemblies; 8. Protagoras's shame and Socrates's speech; Conclusion: four paradoxes. Review quote ' The most obvious lesson we learn is that, regardless of the period in which ti is practiced, free speech in a democracy is neither absolute nor arbitrarily inhibited.

Instead, it is based on the combination of previous experience, present circumstances, and the characteristics of the polity. Each relies on frankness in speech and a willingness on the part of the speaker to expose his or her self to the criticism and, at its best, the instruction of others. However, democratic polities must rely on more than parrhesia to preserve themselves: They also rely on its opposite, on shame Vaughan, University of Maryland - Baltimore, Perspectives on Politics "Although such contemporary debates animate her book, Saxonhouse is also attuned to the difficulties of using ancient Athenian institutions as models for modern political theory.

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The result is an extraordinarily rich and thoughtful book that is both theoretically sophisticated and historically nuanced; it is a model of how historical scholarship can illuminate contemporary political theory. Lockwood Jr. About Arlene W. Saxonhouse Arlene W.

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Clear and Present Danger - A history of free speech. Save Episode. Episode Info: The democracy of Ancient Athens was the birthplace of equal and uninhibited speech.