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  1. Cooking family meals – First Days
  2. My Good Food
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Also, if every single meal were served in the shape of their first initial, it would take a lot of the specialness out of it. All of which is to say: if you've got a supply of cookie cutters and you're not afraid to use them to create the occasional magical wonderland of a meal, that's great! Go for it, Picasso. But if you don't? Don't sweat it.

Cooking family meals – First Days

It's just food. Instead of trying to cook several complete meals every Sunday to keep everyone fed throughout the week, make a big batch of one easily customizable meal component , like meatballs or corn muffins or salmon burgers —or these versatile beef-and-mushroom patties. Do that every weekend for a month and you'll have a freezer full of lunch and dinner fixings at the ready, thus cementing your reputation as an unflappable organizational genius. The magic of the weekly meal plan is not unlike that of the streamlined capsule wardrobe: it takes all of the dithering and agonized decision-making out of the equation so you can just get things done.

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The time spent putting together the meal plan i. But, just as only wearing white button-down shirts and black straight-leg pants isn't for everyone, neither is meal-planning. Or, rather, neither is the sort of hyper-organized, idealized meal-planning that so many of us strive for yet never fully attain.

Instead, Rhoda and I are big believers that any amount of pre-planning will pay off, whether it's just making a schedule of which adult cooks each night, having a regular meal rotation on Mondays we eat pasta, on Tuesdays we have tacos, etc. But if meal planning starts to feel like an added task on your never-ending list, it's time to cross it off and come up with a different approach.

Mini muffins. Mini burgers. Mini pancakes. Always a hit.

My Good Food

No, not literally. As great as tacos are, there's no way I'm eating them every night.

1. Memories

But I will apply the many lessons I've learned from taco night, such as:. Offer a lot of variety. On taco night in my house I usually put out: rice, tortillas, spiced ground beef or pulled chicken, avocados, black beans, shredded cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes. Who doesn't like to sit down to a table full of lots of little bowls of delicious things? Let the kids serve themselves.


I'm a big believer in giving kids as much control as is feasible when it comes to food—and avoiding power struggles whenever possible. By involving your kids in an important part of the day, you help build confidence and self-worth. Develop social skills! Teach cleanliness and appreciation. Their food comes from somewhere, and involving them from shopping to the finished product will help demonstrate that hard work goes into the meal they enjoy.

More Benefits of Family Cooking Together As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to cooking together as a family!

Cooking as a Family

Cooking with your kids helps teach them how to eat healthy and make informed choices about the food they eat. While many kids will still prefer to play games or watch TV, cooking as a family together — and then eating the meal prepared together — will lay the groundwork for kids to prioritize family later in life.

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